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The capacitors they are testing have different values due to wide component tolerances. Every capacitor has a tolerance as manufactured, typically +/-10% or +/-5%. Older capacitors can drift greatly with time. We tested one capacitor (not in the table) whose value drifted continuously during measurement. Also, they usually can’t measure a capacitor while it’s in circuit. This meter has been designed to measure the ESR of capacitors in circuit, made possible by keeping the test signal voltage low enough (100mV P-P) not to cause any semiconductors in the circuit to conduct. As well as saving time, the capacitors won’t be Understanding the basics of them helps you to choose the capacitor for your application. Before going to each of them, let us understand the basic uses of a capacitor in a circuit. Capacitors are widely used in electrical and electronic circuits. In electronic circuits, small value capacitors are used, to couple signals between stages of ...